Modded Client Information
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Keep in mind that even if a mod/client is not on this list, doesn't mean it's allowed. If you're unsure if you're client/mod is allowed on Arcania, please contact an administrator or manager.

Mods that are not allowed:

  1. Hacked Client - Disallowed (The usage of this is disallowed, even if you are not using any of the hacks on it)
  2. Scripts - Disallowed (Using a script to move automatically, for instance moving from left to right without you being there, including regen scripts and filter scripts. Also a script for automatically using commands like /fix /eat /feed, etc)
  3. SmartMoveMod - Disallowed (Enhances your movement)
  4. Anti-AFK Mods - Disallowed (Makes it so that you never go AFK. Auto-reconnect is quite similar to this and is disallowed on all servers except Factions and Skyblock Chaos)
  5. Macros - Disallowed. This includes the use of mouse weights, tape, etc. to perform functions for you while you are AFK. (Anything ranging from /feed and /fix macros to movement macros. Also, any type of custom macro that comes with your mouse is disallowed.)
  6. Minimap - Partially disallowed (You may use minimap on the network, so long as players/radar like features are disabled, and they are not abused in any way.)
  7. World Downloader Mod - Disallowed
  8. Raid Detector Mod - Disallowed (Notifies you when you are being raided.)
  9. TNT Detector Mod - Disallowed (Notifies you when TNT is being set off in a specific range.)
  10. Reach Spoofer Mod - Disallowed (Spoofs the reach distance.)
  11. Inventory Tweaks Mod - Disallowed (Automatically replaces your tools, which is basically Autotool.)
  12. Autotool - Disallowed (Can bring potions into your Hotbar, which is the same as autopotting or autosouping.)
  13. Auto-Switcher Mod - Disallowed (Automatically switches to the correct tool needed.)
  14. Fancy Chat - Disallowed (This falls under the hacked client section.)
  15. X-Ray - Disallowed (This includes texture packs that allow you to look through blocks)
  16. Printer - Disallowed
  17. Autoclicker - Disallowed (This includes changing attack key in version 1.14 to make it hit automatically as well as the "F11 Trick")
  18. Pathfinder - Disallowed
  19. Minebot - Disallowed
  20. C4 Tools - Disallowed (no using "solvers" to help you win C4 games)
  21. OmniSprint - Disallowed (Allows you to sprint in directions other than forward)
  22. Vanish bots/trackers - Disallowed (Allows you to see vanished staff members)


Allowed mods:

  1. Badlion Client - Allowed
  2. 5zig - allowed (Make sure to not use the macros)
  3. Pvplounge Client - Allowed
  4. OCMC - Allowed
  5. Laby Mod - Allowed
  6. Hyperium - Allowed
  7. Forge - Allowed
  8. Cosmic Client - Allowed
  9. Lunar Client - Allowed
  10. Optifine - Allowed
  11. Status HUD - Allowed (Shows potion effects.)
  12. CPS Mod - Allowed (Shows your click speed.)
  13. OldAnimationsMod - Allowed (Allows you to block hit on 1.8 like 1.7.)
  14. KeystrokesMod - Allowed (Shows your W A S D, and sometimes spacebar, keys on-screen.)
  15. MouseDelayFixMod - Allowed (Fixes Mouse delay.)
  16. BspkrsCore - Allowed
  17. ArmorHUD - Allowed (Shows the durability of your armor.)
  18. GUI Blur Mod - Allowed (Blurs the background when you open your inventory.)
  19. TCPNoDelayMod - Allowed (Gives you a better connection.)
  20. Toggle Sneak/Sprint - Allowed (Allows you to toggle your sprint or sneak.)
  21. FPS Mod - Allowed (Displays your FPS.)
  22. FPS Spoofer Mod - Allowed (Spoofs your FPS.)
  23. Direction HUD - Allowed (Displays the direction that you are looking.)
  24. Knockback Display Mod - Allowed (Displays the amount of knockback taken.)
  25. Combo Counter Display Mod - Allowed (Shows the combo you are getting on a player.)
  26. TabbyChat/Fast Chat - Allowed (Makes chat look nicer.)
  27. Shiny Pots - Allowed (Makes your pots shine.)
  28. Batty Coords Mod - Allowed (Shows your coordinates.)
  29. DJTasty Mod - Allowed (Makes it seem like you have a Minecon cape that only you can see.)
  30. Player API - Allowed (Needed for togglesprint/sneak.)
  31. Shaders - Allowed
  32. Saturation Display - Allowed (Shows when you will need to eat.)
  33. Pearl timer - Allowed (Shows when you can throw a pearl again.) *This depends on the server you are on since some servers have a different cooldown on Pearls*
  34. Cheatbreaker Perspective Mod - Allowed (Allows you to change your perspective, just like in Cheatbreaker)
  35. TeamSpeak Mod - (Shows you who is talking in TeamSpeak.)
  36. Discord Mod - Allowed (Shows you who is talking in Discord.)
  37. Reach Display Mod - Allowed (Shows the reach you are getting while hitting another player.)
  38. Chatlog Mod - Allowed
  39. Schematica - Allowed (Printer mode is not allowed.)
  40. Litematica - Allowed (Basically schematica, but different name. “Easyplacetoggle” mode is not allowed)
  41. MotionBlur - Allowed (Blurs your screen when moving your mouse.)
  42. Spotify Mod - Allowed (Shows what song you are playing on Spotify.)
  43. Reach Circles - Allowed (Shows a 3 block circle around you.)
  44. DayNight Mod - Allowed (Allows you to choose between it appearing to be day or night.)
  45. Scoreboard Mod - Allowed (Allows you to remove scoreboards on your screen.)
  46. Bossbar Mod - Allowed (Allows you to remove bossbars on your screen.)
  47. Ping Mod - Allowed (Shows the ping above an enemy, or shows your ping.)
  48. Chunk Borders - Allowed (Shows the borders of the chunks that you are in.)
  49. Hotbar Mod - Allowed (Shows information about FPS, Name, Date, Ping in a Hotbar form.)
  50. Custom Block Overlay - Allowed (Creates an individual outline and overlay of the current focused block.)
  51. LabyInstagram - Allowed (Shows any user's Instagram follower count. This is a feature on the Laby Mod ACC.)
  52. Voice Chat - Allowed (Allows you to use voice chat while in-game.)
  53. ChatTranslator - Allowed (Allows you to translate messages to your language)
  54. Resource Pack Mod - Allowed (Makes it so that you can choose from a plethora of texture packs, without having to download them from the internet)
  55. CustomCrosshair Mod - Allowed (Allows you to make your own custom crosshair.)
  56. Better Hat Mod - Allowed (Shows the second layer of your skin in 3d art.)
  57. Skin Changer - Allowed (Makes it so that, only only on your screen, you can change your player's skin in-game.)
  58. ChatTime Mod - Allowed (This displays the current time before messages in chat.)
  59. AntiRage Mod - Allowed (Adds a chat filter, protects you from mutes/bans.)
  60. FastJoin - Allowed (Allows you to join recent servers or switch servers faster and easier.)
  61. Better FOV Control - Allowed (Allows you to optimize your FOV.)
  62. BetterScreenshot Mod - Allowed (Screenshots taken are turned into imgur links.)
  63. Glint Colorizer - Allowed (Changes the enchant glint on enchanted items to a color of your choosing.)
  64. LabyTwitter - Allowed (Shows twitter follower count of any user.)
  65. ItemPhysics - Allowed (Items and blocks will rotate around their axis when dropped.)
  66. Health Indicators - Allowed (Shows the health of other players)
  67. Damage Indicators - Allowed (Shows the amount of damage you do to other players.)
  68. Particles Mod - Allowed (Shows more particles than there are.)
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